Kate Greenaway's Family Treasury by Kate Greenaway, 1979

Kate Greenaway's Family Treasury, selections from Kate Greenaway's A Applepie, Under the Window, Mother Goose, Book of Games and Marigold Garden by Kate Greenaway, 1979.  Hardcover, with dust jacket, published by Derrydale Books, from foreword, "Kate Greenaway was born in 1846 in the town of Hoxton, England, and grew up there.  According to her own report, it was much like the villages depicted in her illustrations; houses with thatched roofs, little gardens, and picket fencs.  She dressed her children in old-fashioned country oufits, not in the precious style of late nineteeth-century London.  Not only did her art reflect her humble origins, but her lifestyle did as well.  By the mid-1880s her works had received international acclaim, but she remained shy and retiring, avoiding public accolades."  Indeed, the illustrations are delightful.  94 pages, good condition.

Kate Greenaway's Family Treasury by Kate Greenaway, 1979
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