Hannibal and Me by Andreas Kluth, 2011

Hannibal and Me, what history's greatest military strategist can teach us about success and failure by Andreas Kluth, 2011. Hardcover, with dust jacket, published by Riverhead Books / Penquin Group, full number line indicating First Edition, from inside front cover … "The life of Hannibal, the Carthaginian general who crossed the Alps with his army in 218 b.c.e., is the stuff of legend. And the epic choices he and his opponents made, on the battlefield and in life, offer timeless lessons to us today about how we should respond to both our victories and our defeats. A big new idea book inspired by ancient history, Hannibal and me explores the truths behind triumph and disaster in our lives by examining the decisions made by Hannibal and others, including Albert Einstein, Eleanor Roosevelt, Steve Jobs, Ernest Shackleton, and Paul Cezanne." 325 pages, new condition.
Hannibal and Me by Andreas Kluth, 2011
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