Deep Space and Sacred Time by Wagner & Lundeen, 1948

Deep Space and Sacred Time, Star Trek in the American Mythos by Jon Wagner and Jan Lundeen, 1948.  Hardcover, with dust jacket, published by Praeger Press, from the back cover "What could possibly account for the scope and longevity of the Star Trek phenomenon?  With legions of impassioned fans, and a life span of 30 years and counting, the Star Trek television and film corpus has made Gene Roddenberry's creation nothing less than an American mythology.  Deep Space and Sacred Time examines the many ways Star Trek has served as a mythic reference point for American society, and suggests that an understanding of this might help us to see ourselves more clearly as a culture.  Moreover, this thoughtful and thought-provoking work asserts that Star Trek offers its audience a sense of hope and, in the setting of an orderly cosmos, the possibility for empowerment, 264 pages, new.

Deep Space and Sacred Time, Star Trek in the American Mythos by Wagner & Lundeen, 1948
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