American Bulldog, Special Limited Edition by Fishman, 2006

American Bulldog, a comprehensive owner's guide, Special Limited Edition by Abe Fishman, 1995.  Hardcover, no dust jacket as issued, published by American Kennel Club Books.  From the back cover "No longer a well-kept secret in the United States, the American Bulldog is enjoying a renaissance of interest around the world.  Undeniably handsome and athletic, this magnificent bulldog, once used solely for farm and ranch work, is now employed as a working protection dog and a loyal home companion.  Author Abe Fishman provides a controversial but thoroughly accurate retelling of the breed's history and its re-creation in the US.  His experience with the breed and his candor prove both enlightening and uncompromising, as he recommends proper training, condition and rearing techniques for all American Bulldog owners.  From the insightful chapter about the breed's characteristics to the advice-packed sections on puppy selection, house-training, obedience work and solving puppy problems, this new Special Limited Edition proves to be an excellent addition to every bully-breed lover's library."  155 pages, like new.

American Bulldog, a comprehensive owner's guide, Special Limited Edition by Abe Fishman, 1995
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