Crazy River 3, COTC, 1993

Crazy River 3, COTC, 1993.  Softcover, published by Central Ohio Technical College, poetry journal with works by Robett DeMott, Kevin Bezener, Sharon Klander, Kevin Hearle, Mary E. Martin, Michael Waters, Kathleen Reilly, John Haines, John Ditsky, John Harvey, Kathy Mangan, Dave Smith, Thom Tammaro. Jerry L. Curtis, Jarrett Greenberg, Stephanie Lott, Mi Ah Lee, Connie McElroy, Mike Trotter, Laura Rust, Kristen E. Dutton, Greg Ring, Gary Pacernick, Kathleen St. John, Jon Loomis, Kevin Marzahl, Claire McCoy, Francis L. Richardson, Kyle Reese Suchan, Tammy Perone, Jack Wright, Thomas Reynolds, Maggie Rust, Marc Harshman, MJ Abell, Kate Hancock, Phyllis Andrew, Grant Clauser, Candy Carver, Jim Fullen, Larry Smith, Roy Bentley, Sam Yulish, Tom Andrews, Kevin Walzer, Dough Martin, Dusty Miller, Brent Horne, Bernadette M. Davis, Terri Severance, Carol Welsh, Jamie Kissell, Charlene Fix, Glorial Regalbuto, Audrey Naffziger, Brian Ownebey, Gregory L. Anderson, Terry C. Blosser, Scott Bentley, Brian E. Railsback, Jack Turner, Michael J. Bugleja, Thom Tammaro, Robert Kinsley, John Harvey, David Lazar, Sidney Burris, Kevin Bezner, Robert DeMott.  230 pages, in like new condition.

Crazy River 3, COTC, 1993
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